Sonntag, 4. Dezember 2011

Top Gear

TopGear meldet sich zu Wort. Bekannt für durchaus auch mal kritische Töne, sind auch die Briten begeistert vom neuen Handlingwunder und schwärmen in höchsten, zitierenswerten Tönen:

"Because the best thing is the handling. The BRZ steers like it has no weight to deal with. It doesn’t appear to roll, pitch or dive. It’s neither nose nor tail heavy, just a sense of the front and rear working in perfect harmony. You steer, it goes and when the grip runs out (it was pouring with rain in Japan), the BRZ is almost totally neutral. And you get so much warning of when that’s about to happen. I was nervous when I found out it had electric power steering, but this has to be about the best system I’ve tried – the springy weighting is lovely and real sensations are fed back into your hands."

Subaru BRZ Fahrbericht von TopGear